Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm Moving ----->

After several years of blogging on blogger, I went and gone and got my own domain (GASP!) and moved over to Squarespace.

I know, HOW WEIRD!  I'm the same dopey belly, doing the same repetitive thing still.  And don't you forget it.

Please go check me out!

Here I am!


See you there... being all fancy like.  I hope it doesn't all go to my head.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Makeup Backup (and Skincare, too)

When asked, I always say that I don't keep backups and always qualify that answer by saying that I do keep one or so of skincare items around because in general, my skincare routine stays pretty stable.  Turns out, I'm a big fat liar or at the very least, have a good self deception thing happening.

I keep one drawer dedicated to various backup items, but once I dug around to really get to know what I have, I realized I have a lot.  What triggered this self realization was when I recently repurchased a discontinued blush from SUQQU after having used and witnessed a sizable pan.  This put me into a bit of a frenzied shopping state trying to track one down (having two orders canceled by the seller) until I finally purchased one.  (We turn a blind eye to the purchase price because the Pan was Sizable.  There is a proportionate relationship to Size of Pan to Price of Purchase.  This law is hereby recorded as Law of Fearful Pan Purchase)   While putting away SUQQU blush Usuzakura, I opened up the drawer and noticed that it was veritably CHOCK FULL O' STUFF.
What, backups.  Me?
As you know, my blog tag is "I have stuff.  Let me show them to you."  Apparently I have backups of that stuff, so I'm going to show you them stuffs.

AmorePacific Samples & GWP

Oddly enough these deserve their own category because I own a fair number of these.  I've been using AmorePacific for a long time so whenever I go back to the counter to purchase, I often get handed very generous samples (sometimes even full sized) things to use and try.  These deluxe minis are mostly of the Time Response line (the anti aging and very rich) and I use these for travel.


I always seem to have Eve Lom cleansers in the backup drawer.  I use the balm cleaner as well as the Morning Time cleanser.  I've currently started using the Omorovicza one recently and regret trying anything new.  I should have stuck with the Eve Lom.

Also are various products from Barrier Repair (the brand with the creepy baby face).  I like their sheet mask for extra hydration.  I don't really think anything I've tried has any lasting effect but when I am very dehydrated, this starts as a good starting layer to prep my skin before I add on other products (toners, lotions, serums, another sleeping mask, etc).

From Barrier Repair I also use the cream and the HA serum.  Both are very simple products and not very rich.  I like Barrier Repair products in the morning because even though I get very dehydrated, anything very rich (like my AmorePacific) will make me a big grease ball during the day.

Other Skincare-ish Items

I guess this is more miscellaneous than skincare.  I've been stocking up on Baby Foot since Drugstore.com is closing.  It's is a high salicylic acid based foot peel.  I find the process very effective, with some copious dead skin shedding during a 7-10 week period and then voila!  BABY FOOT.

I like Muji for stocking up on cotton pads and cotton swabs.  I like these peel-able cotton pads.  Generally low-lint, soft and doesn't disintegrate.  The swabs are very fine tip, which I like for fixing eye makeup snafus.

The Beauty Blender solid soap is another staple.  I'm almost done with one so glad to have this one on hand.  My old one looks like a big donut.

The Nars eye shadow primer is a forever HG.  Now and Forever.  R'Amen.

The LRP Anthelion 60 Melt-in Sunscreen Milk is a big favorite.  It is incredible light (a very fluid white milk) that really does melt into the skin.

Some more skincare here.  Here's a new bottle of the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic.  It is an antioxidant serum, notable for L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin) C.  I love how it has been gradually fading away various old pigmented acne marks and sun-damaged pigmented spot.  Unfortunately, the acne I thought was attributed to this is real.  I'm getting all sorts of inflamed (but small, than goodness) cystic acne and covered comedones all over the place and namely, in places I never get zits.  I'm sticking this back in the drawer for a bit.  If you can tolerate it, I would recommend it for its effectiveness.

I try to open up a new mascara every three months or so.  I usually have one or two of my favorite, Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof mascara around.  These Chanel bases and Le Volumes, I don't know how these are proliferating.

And this is where I find myself a really big liar.  Look at all this makeup!
  I guess all these things have some sort of good explanation for why they belong with me.  I'm almost done with MAC F&B foundation, so this bottle will go into use almost immediately.  It's just a silly thing to have sat in my drawer for six months.  Never mind  the money used to buy this out of my wallet.  The same for the Tom Ford foundation stick, although in this case, Pale Dune, my color has been discontinued.  I'm very glad to have this.  Other items are also discontinued, the SUQQU Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural as are the pressed versions (I have TWO of them!), and the limited edition Lighting Liquid.  I guess the eyelash curler pads are ok to have, but do I need so many of them?!  Maybe you also spy a brand new SUQQU cheek brush.  And that blush in Usuzakura I mentioned before.

And then the Last of Them
Cute things.  Don't recall the last time I finished a perfume (or a solid one at that).

So what do you end up saving as backups?

Friday, September 9, 2016

Reserving your UK-Exlusive SUQQU

Hello fellow members of the SUQQU fan hoard!  First, I want to apologize to you for whipping us all up in a frenzy.  This resulted in a most unsatisfying experience for several of you.

I received some clarification regarding reservations for the new goodies!

Since the counter is also releasing their new base products on 9/22 which are the Treatment Primer, Extra Rich Cream Foundation, and the new Foundation brush (info here), they are focused on working reserving for that.

For the Xmas color collection, which I posted about here, you can start reserving a week prior to the 10/6 release date, on 9/29.

I believe SUQQU is hearing you loud and clear that consumers want an easier way to buy their products. I hope we will see some improvements on this process for all of us in the future.

By the way, this is the London counter number at Selfridges again: +44-20-7318-3956  (LONDON)
That's still their number, but they are introducing a more reliable reservation process, which they will announce shortly.  Follow the @suqqu_uk_official Instagram page, where they will announce it.  You don't need an account to see.

Monday, September 5, 2016

SUQQU UK Exclusive Christmas Color Collection

>> this post features provided without charge by the brand / pr for my consideration<<

Listen, I cringed a bit when I realized that this is a Christmas collection.  (It was close to 90 degrees Fahrenheit some days this week)  To redeem myself, I will let you know that this collection is available in the UK on October 6th.  Which isn't all that far away at all!

I hate it when you go on line and in the time it takes to gather you thoughts and your credit cards, everything sells out in the blink of an eye.  I bring you this post a bit early so that you can plan your purchases.  I find shopping on line on Selfridges or Harrods a bit of a crap shoot.  Selfridges has an odd tendency to launch prior to the launch dates ensuring all patient buyers going on the appointed date a big giant pile of angry disappointment.  If you really have your heart set on something, it may be worth making a telephone call to the London Selfridges counter and getting yourself on the list. (+44-20-7318-3956  (LONDON)). Emailing also doesn't seem as dependable either.  I had called last month to re-order some things and never got a response back, though on other occasions I have had a response.  I hate telling you to telephone international long distance and actually speak to a person (Gack!  I hate doing that!), but I would will aside my awkward social anxiety if I had to purchase something from this release.

This collections is also part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the counter in London at Selfridges.  Congratulations SUQQU on becoming even more desirable over the decade to even more fans!   Makeup artist Jorge Balzaretti is the creative mind behind this beautiful color capsule collection.  And the gems are not necessary just these colorful and eye-catching Blend Colour Eye Shadow palettes.

For example...
Limited Edition Creamy Glow Lipsticks

SUQQU is releasing three limited edition Creamy Glow lipsticks.  Creamy Glow is currently a UK-only item.  They are the favorites of many due to its incredibly rich pigmentation and super light formula.

I received the Creamy Glow lipstick EX-01 Saebara, described as a true red.  Including this one, the other two shades are EX-02 Kanbotan a cool toned red and EX-03 Awamomoka, a soft peachy nude.
Creamy Glow in EX-01 Saebara
EX-01 Saebara has the same liquid light texture of the Creamy Glow with intensely rich pigmentation, but with a slight bit of translucency.  Applied on the lips, I can achieve completely opaque coverage with an extra swipe.

It is a red for sure, but a pinky one at that.  I do find it balanced and neutral and very brightening for my face.  Swatch below.

In my recent post on the Extra Glow lipsticks, I compared EX-01 Saebara with various other SUQQU reds, including the famous 18 Karakurenai.  Please take a look to you want to check those out (here). This is definitely different from Karakurenai and worth it for those Creamy Glow lovers.

... and also these, as another example...
Eyeliner Liquid Pen Duo

Also releasing are these new dual ended eyeliners.  One super genius of these pens is that one side is a very pragmatic black and the other side is a second color.  The brush tips are the same on either side.

01 is a Black and Brown combination
02 is a Black and Burgundy combination.
Look at the fine, almost infinitesimally small tip at the end of the brush.  The ink saturates the brush evenly and the applying a fine and even line is a dream.
Swatches of the new Eyeliner Liquid Pen Duo.  Using a bit more pressure yields a broader line.
Left: 01 Black and Brown  Right:  02 Black and Burgundy
The black dries a smooth matte.  It is also a shade than can be applied in layers to get more darkness of color.  I found that going over the line a few times yields the cleanest and deepest colors.

The brown is a neutral to cool brown, without any redness in tone.

The burgundy doesn't strike my eye as very burgundy, but more a red-toned and warm brown.  It also has a subtle purple in the shade.  This is my favorite color of the bunch.  It makes for an interesting liner shade when I want a slight variation of the normal black.

The fluid formula and fine brush tip is makes a clean application pretty easy (even for a liquid liner bozo like me).  The most impressive thing is the wear on these suckers.  I am wearing the black version below in a straightforward wing (also the same as in the look above wearing the Creamy Glow lipstick).  

They are waterproof, but not completely resistant to rubbing.  I notice that a good strong rub with my fingertip with fade and blur away the line.  In practical perms, (say on the eyelid and not on my back of my hand or on my inner arm), I notice slight fading away and smearing at the very inner corner.  I have an epicanthal fold, so that area is always subject to friction.  Most liners don't hold strong, but the SUQQU one did an admirable job.

The only times I had complete smear and meltdown was in near 100 degree F heat in intense humidity.  That plus the oils on my lids and plus my epicanthal fold was too much for the liners to bear!  Otherwise, in normal summer heat and high humidity, the SUQQU Liquid Pen Duos were excellent.  I highly recommend these!

and so now, we come to these.  No disappointment here.
Blend Color Eye Shadow Palettes

EX-35 Yuki Tsubaki is named so for the deep pink Camellia flower that blooms even in the snow.  That's the star shade in this eye shadow palette, and intense deep pink. 
Three mattes and a high shimmer shade is the composition of finishes.

Here are the swatches:

  • warm, high shimmer peachy pink, with champagne, pale gold, light pink and bright blue toned micro shimmer.  This one is not as smooth and silky as I would like, nor as rich in pigmentation.  It does serve excellently to add shimmer on top of other shades, or as a brightening lid shade.
  • Super intense, deeply pigmented and rich, a warm deep pink.  When applied strongly, it seems nearly a red shade.  I think a light hand is helpful with this shade as it will deposit a ton of color with one dab of applicator.
  • One of those base shades, this pale, warm, and matte pinky-white is as smooth as can be.  I've come to appreciate how these work so well to prep the lid for other shades to be applied easily and smoothly on top.  I also use to blend out the edges of other shades.
  • A neutral matte brown.  Smoothly applies and slightly translucent but something I was able to build up to deeper intensity by layering.

This quad does layer, but without so much complexity as some other old ones.  Most of the interest comes from the peachy pink shade (1).  Layering the peachy pink (1), over the pink (2) and brown (4) seems to bring out an intensity to the pink.  Potentially a shade in a satin (with some sedate shimmer) would bring on some more interesting layers, but I found letting each shade do its own thing (e.g., not really layered) let this quad be its most stunning.

Look 1:
Here's a typical "layered" kind of an eye, with various overlapping shades.  It looks marginally pinky, but kind of muddled.  It's ok.  This was probably when I told myself that this warm pink is really making me look blah and would normally be when I say pinks don't agree with me on the eyes.
Look 2:

In this go I decided not to hide the best aspect of the quad by hiding it under other shades.  After using the base shade all over my upper lids and under my eyes, I used the peachy pink all the way up past the crease and under my lower lash line.  I used the brown in a light gradient from my upper lash line (heaviest) and up to my crease.  And then going for the gusto, I used the deep pink with a lot of intensity (looking red almost) on my lower lash line and then sweeping up in an exaggerated arc in a wing.
 I really loved how this looked, but certainly, this is not an every day look. ;)  Or maybe depends on your every day or your day to day look.  I paired it with the Creamy Glow EX-01 from this collection and applied a deep warm red blush in a very high placement, right under my eyes.

EX-36 Fuyu Sumire is another quad with floral inspirations. Again with three mattes and one high shimmer shade, this time with beautiful cool tones, dominated by that violet shade.  

Here are the swatches:

  • A pale shimmery peach, with many white and cool champagne micro shimmers.  Lightly pigmented, but smoother in texture than the shimmer in EX-35.
  • Surprisingly well pigmented, a cool pale violet.  This swatch is one light finger swatch.  Not a lot of pink in this violet, it is certainly more blue toned.  This isn't normally a type of shade I reach for because of the contrast to my very yellow skin, but with the other shades in this quad, it makes for a striking color.
  • The lower right shade is also a base shade for smoothing and prepping the led.  I was a little disappointed that this wasn't a color color, but again, with a complementary tone and it's beautiful priming aspect, it is a nice inclusion.  It looks like a pale minty white.
  • Deep matte cool purply brown.  It is slightly sheer, but again applies evenly and smoothly and layers to more intensity depending on how I apply it (more layers, goat brush vs. grey squirrel brush, etc).

Layering seems to just churn out one kind of violet versus another (light versus dark, clear vs. murky) that it doesn't strike me as particularly unicorn charming.


I love the cool wearable tones of this one.  The shades, especially the violet and the dark purple brown have enough contrast to each other and enough pigmentation to softly define.  While it is not particularly complex, it is nicely harmonious and I found more intuitive to use (compared to Yuki Tsubaki).
I'm wearing SUQQU Bright Up lipstick in 03 Barairo and blush in Usuzakura.
If the colors are to your liking, I think these are highly worth seeking out at the counter (if you have a Selfridges, Harrods or Fenwicks).  Best way to secure is to be on their list by calling the counter.  OR, you can always take your chances by waiting on line.  I'm pretty sure that this collection will fly in the blink of an eye.  The worst makeup regret is SUQQU LE MISSED IT regret.

What do you think of this new color collection?  Which colors and items are most eye catching for you?

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.
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