Thursday, May 19, 2016

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Alchemy Long-Lasting Brow Liner

>> This post features a product provided by the brand / PR without charge for my consideration <<

A while back Rouge Bunny Rouge was kind (of crazy) to feature me on their website as a beauty blogger in their Meet the Beauty Blogger series.  In it I was asked to name one new product I would add if I could to their line.  I said:
"if I can request one more item, a killer eye brow item in the perfect ashy cool shades across light to deeper colors. These are incredibly hard to find from any brand that is readily accessible!"
I said that! Yes, I said that!  And then a few months later, I ended up receiving the parcel of my dreams courtesy of RBR and in it were these things.  These are the new brow pencils from the brand in the two shades.  Things like this when I was a child would make me think I have some serious magical thinking powers.  Most likely this wish fulfillment scenario was just a coincidence (I think), but now I may go off and day dream about what sort of harm or good I can do with my new superpower.  (Calorie-less bacon.  Endless fountain of coffee that don't make the heart go into palpitations.  I can't believe it's not butter because it IS butter.)
Speaking of super powers, the new brow liners are made in a wax formula in a twist up/down format.  The tip is quite fine that it's pretty easy to draw in natural looking brows.  The formula is also water proof and soft enough to easily impart color and also to smudge and blend with a spoolie brush.
The application is super straight forward.  With its fine tip, I can just apply thin lines to both fill into sparse areas and also define the brows.  It is also possible to use a brow brush (or other similar small stiff brush) to pick up color from the pencil and apply.  Once applied, I use a spoolie brush (or you can use a clean mascara brush) to soften any harsh lines and to blend.

They say waterproof, so to test this out, the first weekend I had these I wore them and then went to an indoor water park.  Let's say I don't recommend that as the normal test for waterproofing, but my brows mostly stayed defined though I had fading.  For normal wear with the occasional sweats, or a small rain sprinkle, these liners will perform really well.

Colors offered will cover a good swathe of the population, though I had dreamed of a more extensive range.
  • Antimony is my ideal shade.  It's a cool dark brown, very close to my all time favorite Moss Green shade from the SUQQU brow products.  This will work for dark-haired people what don't like any redness or warmth in brow products.  
  • Trona is a lighter neutral brown.  This would work for many fairer haired people, but wouldn't be as idea if you can't deal with a touch of red.

I rounded up all my bits and bobs of brow bobbins so that I can compare the shades for you.  My myopic cool brow obsession is all encompassing.  You too? 

That's the serious pan I'm sporting in the SUQQU brow palette!  I rue the day I run out of that cool brown and get stuck with two pans I never use.  :((

The Greens:
Rouge Bunny Rouge's Antimony is very cool and dark.  When arranged alongside swatches of the other shades, it's apparent that Antimony and the middle shade of the SUQQU palette are the greenest (coolest).

The Taupes:
K-Palette in 02 (grey brown) and the Marcelle in Universal Dark are more grey taupes.

The Browns:
Trona with its versatile neutral brown tones seems to align closely to the Surratt pencil in Raven, the Brown shade in the SUQQU Moss Green palette and also Shu Uemura Hard 9 pencil in Seal Brown (a PAIN to swatch).

Here are the ingredients if you are interested in seeing them.

Here's how the Antimony Brow Liner works on me.  First let me show you my brows with no products in them.  They are pretty shapely and full-ish.  I don't do any real crafting of brows when I apply products in them.  Mainly I extend the tails, fill into slightly sparse areas and also darken the front of the brows subtly.

Naked brows
Antimony on the LEFT side only
Wearing the Raw Gardens e/s palette in Antigo.  Reviewed here. And Antimony on both brows

I see the product in the non-US side of the RBR website (here, non-affliate link) and expect the product to launch shortly on the US side.  They also introduced a brow gel as well.

A great, easy to use brow pencil in two versatile shades is a wonderful (and wished for) addition to the Rouge Bunny Rouge line!  That's cool!

Don't forget that you can use my special discount code that will give you 20% off the RBR website.  RBR-wondegondigo20 is good on the website shipping to any country.

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Antigo

>> This post features products (*) provided by PR/Brand without charge for my consideration<<
I have a wonderful and long-term (but not always monogamous) love affair with Rouge Bunny Rouge's eye shadow singles.  I have a giant Z Palette full of them.  Many of their formulas are so pretty on the lids and ranging from neutrals to brighter shades, I can be very happy with just those.  In fact, when I travel, I compose my own little quads or trios along with a blush into a small Z Palette and use that for the duration of my trip.  Among my favorites, in particular are the matte shadows from RBR.  When I first heard about this new Antigo* palette, I was under the impression that the shades would be all mattes and nearly had a heart attack stemming from unbridled joy.  Then I learned that the formula wasn't matte, but kind of matte-ish.

Before I talk about the formula, let's show you this luxurious case, which just like the face powder products are in a hefty black case that is firmly held closed by magnet.  And this design on the shadows!
This heavenly design....!
Rouge Bunny Rouge is upping its game so that makeup lovers that love pretty things would make a small shrieking sound while dragging a brush or a swatching finger across the abstract zigzags that run across the surface.  *dogs all around the NY Tri-State area prick up an ear*  But has to be done.

I was honestly excited when I swatched these shades.  Honestly.  I consider myself a tad jaded about most things and hyperbolic statements equating makeup and butter.  I mean... seriously.  But these were so very nice.  The way the shades softly melt and hug the skin was really impressive.
Let's talk shades and formula now.

  • The palest shade applies more white on my skin than appears in the pan.  It is a neutral vanilla.
  • Cool mauve pink shade, which seems a little disjointed in terms of color harmony with the other shades.  But in practical use terms, it works as an excellent main lid shade.
  • Dark neutral brown, with a slight golden sheen.
  • RBR calls this final shade a cafe-latte brown taupe, and this one is a gorgeous taupe of medium brown and grey.  This shade has the most sheen to the finish.
The soft and light feel of the application is truly marvelous.  When applied with a soft squirrel brush, the color payoff is much softer than what you see in the swatches.  Applied softly, this palette can be used for create a real polished look on the eye, very soft and just slightly defined.  With tight-lining and some mascara, it's a great everyday neutral look.

By varying tools, say by using a firmer goat haired brush, the color payoff can be intensified even more so.  And why using a damp applicator, you can get a stronger, more darkly pigmented color payoff, which takes on a stronger sheen to the finish.

I loved how it looks on the skin so much that I started a Youtube channel just to show the swatches in motion.  No need to subscribe. :)  I just wanted to preserve the video quality and show the texture.  I can't imagine doing haul videos or anything ever.  On the other hand, *imagines fame and fortune as YT Belly Personality.*

In any case, I hope you can see how flattering the texture is on the skin.  The finish is certainly not matte, as I mentioned before.  RBR calls it a satin matte texture and it is definitely satiny without as noticeable glitter or any shimmer.  It reflects light softly to give that slight flattering sheen.  And movement creates some beautiful dimensionality that adds a little special something!

I mentioned the shadows can be applied with a damp applicator.  The swatches on top are dry and the ones below are the same shades applied with a damp MAC 217 brush.  It makes the color appear more saturated and deeper and slightly intensifies the sheen.
I actually prefer the very soft application on my eyes.  I've been using this over and over the last few weeks and really love the elegant effect.  It's pretty much a no brainer type of shades which is made just exquisite by the gorgeous finish.  It is very soft when applied with a squirrel type brush, but again can be made more intense.  You should be prepared to play around to get to the depth and saturation you are looking for.  I am most fond of the nude and natural look the most with Antigo.

Here's a look from today where I used a damp applicator.
I am also wearing the Loves Lights Highlighting Powder in Goddess* that was shown in the last post.  I am also wearing a combination of RBR blush in Gracilis, a cool mauve pink and Delicata, a pinkish nude shade.  I actually used a combination of the two dark shades in this Antigo palette as a contour shade under my cheekbones.  The lip color I am wearing is Hevyn* from Surratt.

I might have gone a little overboard with the contour there!  *sweats*  Antigo's palest shade would actually make a nice highlighting shade for the face, too!
I posted this on IG but wanted to show off that super pretty glow from the highlighting powder Loves Lights in Goddess.
I'm very grateful to RBR for all the recent goodies I've got to try.  I'm also excited to share their new brow product with you soon.

For my neutral-loving and texture obsessive mindset, this palette from RBR is perfection.  I would love to see more singles in this new formula, too.  Am I being greedy now?

Don't forget that you can use my special discount code that will give you 20% off the RBR website.  RBR-wondegondigo20 is good on the website shipping to any country.

Disclosure: this post features product (*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE Loves Lights Highlighting Powder - in Goddess and Sweet to Touch

>> This post contains products provided by PR/Brand for consideration<<
It's an embarrassment of riches when a parcel arrives from Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Sometimes I wonder if with my long-term obsession with the brand, some sort of a Belly Brain to Bunny connection has been established.  Often what lands in my mailbox are things released from the brand I've been scribbling away on my wish list or (even weirder), thing I wish they would release.  

In this case, I want to feature things that have been on my wish list, the two shades of the highlighting powder.  In the brand's recent activity of repackaging their products, their pan highlighters were also given a luxurious facelift.  
The cases are now held closed by a magnet and have a much heavier and solid feel than the old ones. 
Goddess in the foreground; Sweet to Touch in the background
Yes, the pans themselves have also been given a nice design uplift.  They now feature the "Crap!  How am I ever going to mar this thing?" embossment with a small RBR logo.  These do definitely wear away with time, but for me nothing is untouchable.  All must be touched.  :)

I know Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighters well (here).  I like liquid highlighters in particular because they are multipurpose.  I can use them just to highlight or also use to mix into my base products for an allover complexion brightener.  While I love embossed pans from brands like Chanel or Dior with their limited editions, I find myself preferring the liquid ones like the RBR ones.

Even knowing my own personal preference, I couldn't help be tempted by these.  First, Rouge Bunny Rouge's powders are some of the most delectable.  I'm on my second tub of the Diaphanous Finishing Powder (here) and their eye shadows (here) make up a bulk of my collection aside from my SUQQUs.  While languishing on my wish list, that weird Brain to Bunny connection must have triggered an incoming parcel and well... here they are.

In addition to the packaging update, the formula itself has been reformulated.  I haven't tried the original powder highlighters but this new version contains anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.  While it's hard to say if these skincare benefits can be effective in a makeup product, but I have to say, these are some of the SWEETEST textures I've ever experienced:  soft but not powder kicking, silky without a hint of dryness and the way it adheres to my skin is beautiful!  One thing though is even when applying heavily, I don't think it's possible to get a very intense gleaming application.  (Maybe applied with a damp applicator?  Anyone tried that yet?)
  • Goddess - which looks a pinky beige in the pan applies as a pale cream with a slight pink tone and a warm glow. This is more subtle out of the two highlighters.  It's possible to use this as an all over powder and enjoy the very soft glow all over.  It is subtle but incredibly pretty on the skin.
  • Sweet to Touch - an amber base shade with a warm golden shimmer.  This one is slightly more pigmented as well as more shimmery.  It still remains very subtle.  This one looks gloriously beautiful now that I picked up some more color on my skin.

Hope this shows how refined these powders are on the skin.  

Handy Comparisons

I thought it would be useful to compare to some other Rouge Bunny Rouge products.  In particular, I thought you'd like to see how these powder highlighters compare to the more popular liquid highlighters.  The liquid ones also have a very fanciful name: Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid.  I'm comparing the powder Loves Lights in Goddess with the liquid Sea of Tranquility.  I thought the pan would apply more pink on the skin and thought it would be close to SoT, but they are not close at all!

Sea of Tranquility is much more pink, as well as more sparkly in comparison.  It's kind of funny that SoT appears that way because it is actually a very subtle shimmer product in its own right.  It's that the Goddess is so smoothly glowing and so much more refined in comparison.  It's almost impossible to pick out any individual shimmer particles in Goddess in these photos.

Now the color of the Sweet to Touch powder highlighter has several close cousins from RBR.  I'm showing you (L to R) StT, Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay and the Liquid Bronzer.  I've neglected to pull out the liquid Sea of Showers.  Alas!

The Sweet to Touch powder has a strong warm gold shimmer that pulls the overall color warmer.  The base shade in the powder is fairly close to the Bronzing Glow Powder.  As an aside, the Bronzing Glow Powder in At Goldcombe Bay is something I'm using a lot of lately.  Its a great bronzer for paler skin tones and is not overly warm.  It adds color without adding any orange and has a more neutral undertone.  It has "Glow" in the product name, but aside from a very silken finish on the sheen, it doesn't add any shimmer or sparkle.  The bronzing liquid has a more straightforward warmer color.  It also has more overt sheen compared to the bronzing powder, but not as noticeable as the golden sparkles in the Sweet to Touch.

Really and truly Rouge Bunny Rouge has some of the nicest textures around for face products.  These newly reformulated and elegantly packaged highlighting powders are some of the nicest ones I own.  If you love subtly glowing highlighters that just make your skin look enhanced, one of these might need to make a home with you.  Man, it's going to be a pleasure wearing down these pretty pans with much loving use.

Have you tried any of the highlighting or bronzing products from RBR?  Which are your favorites?

Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 

SUQQU Summer 16 Collection - Few Looks

>>this post features products provided by PR/Brand for consideration<<
I consider myself a person of average makeup application skills.  I enjoy the application process in general because the transformational process is just so darn fun.  I like neutral colors because they tend to be less goof proof but do enjoy a nice and bright something to feature.  I do indulge in bright colors but rarely have the practiced skill to execute a color-intensive look or the eye to coordinate a bunch of colors together.  I imagine that was some of what went so wrong when I tried wearing EX-30 Hekikai.  I actually wore this palette in different placement over many days, but haven't yet found a look I liked.  

Here is one to prove I'm cool plastering my unfinished and subpar look with Hekikai.  Not sure why this foundation looks so light.  I think I would have looked better with some blush and some lip color but I kind of look ghastly.  I don't these blue- and green-toned and high-contrast shades are my thing. Theoretically, this palette can be vastly more wearable by wearing the bright tones as accents such as by wearing the aqua or dark navy just on the lash lines, too.

On the much more wearable end of the spectrum, here is one of the limited edition Eye & Cheek Color Compacts.  This is EX-01 Rikkakou.  I am also wearing the Color Balm crayon in EX-01 Suzubeni.
It's a very subtle and overall wearable take on neutrals and pinks with shimmer on the eyes and gleam on the cheeks.

Of the two Eye & Cheek Color Compacts, I prefer the EX-02 Natsuyuuka.  I like that the dramatic and deep shade of the two eye shadows is enough to just define the eyes a bit (as I did in the look below) or go full on as a smoky eye.  The peachy tones in the blush pan and the coordinated soft tone of the Color Balm Crayon in EX-02 Tsuyasango are nicely flattering on the yellow tones of my skin.

The UK-exclusive EX-31 Gyoukou is probably my favorite of all of these.  I didn't shy back from going whole hog with the placement or the colors and used a very extended wing of the brown and orange shades.  And I used the gold to dust some textural interest to the inner corners and sweeping slightly up and outwards.   I don't recall the blush shade, but I probably used a very nude shade so I can keep the interest on the eyes and lips.  The lip color is the limited edition Creamy Glow Moist lipstick in EX-20 Hyakudaidai.
I believe the words out of my kids' mouths when they saw me wear this last weekend were: "Wow, mom.  That's bright."  And they were right!  I found that all the UK products look much better on me with more tanned skin.  I picked up quite a bit more color in just a few weeks of soccer mom-ing and softball spectatorship and from my first application on my pasty winter skin to warmed up spring skin, the looks appear less stark and much more wearable.
Many thanks to SUQQU for providing all these products for me to play with and try.  Online Selfridges is out of stock of the UK exclusive products.  The online folks seems to pre-maturely release goods (without fanfare) and immediately sell out causing all sorts of ire among people trying to order online (like all of us not living in the UK!).

The launch happened this week and there's still availability at the counters.  International orders can be made at the London Selfridges.  You can email to inquire about availability or call the counter directly: +44 (0) 207 318 3956.

Have you picked up any of the new collections this summer?  How are you wearing these brights and new textures?
Disclosure: this post features product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here. 
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